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User Made Levelset
Kahunas Fun 2 << Return to Levelset List
Author: Hanif13 - (more levelsets by this author)

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Date Posted: 2014-04-09 Description:
The sequel of Kahunas Fun, Thanks for plaaying if you do :).
# of Levels: 7
# of Downloads: 5099

BKR2 WARNING: This level set will crash the original Big Kahuna Reef! It was designed to be played in Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction and will NOT work in the original Big Kahuna Reef. If your game is crashing and you need to delete a level set, click here.

1: The Green Anchor

Time: 10 minutes
2: Just a Few Metal Tiles with Undo

Time: 10 minutes Skeleton Fish
3: The Lights of Hope

Time: 10 minutes
4: Massive BOMBS!

Time: 10 minutes
5: The Nuclear Party

Time: 10 minutes
6: The Central Lockers

Time: 10 minutes
7: X Marks the Bombs

Time: 10 minutes

This level contains Skeleton Fish.
This level does not use the Fish Net.

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